Wedding Wine Service

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Let us help you choose your wine & champagne

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At Liquid Indulgence we know how important it is that your big day goes well.  We also know how stressful planning a wedding can be so we’d like to take that stress away.

Bridal Party Tasting Events

Imagine a relaxing evening where you and your wedding party got to taste a selection of wedding wines and wedding champagnes before choosing your final selection.

We will arrange an unforgettable evening where we will educate you about the wines you’re tasting, discuss your food menu with you so we can match the wedding wine to your food selection and advise you on how much wine you will need to buy.  We can also arrange for wedding glasses to be provided.

At many weddings there is choose of to offer just one red and one white and little attention to how they will taste with your wedding food menu. We will help you decide what kinds of wedding wines to serve and how many bottles will be enough.

Gift Registry

We have created a gift register service for you.  Each happy couple can go onto the website, create their own gift register, choose their preferred gifts and send that list out to their friends and family via social media and email.

You can use it as a way of guests paying for wine at the wedding, or you can ask them to buy you wine ready for your return home.  Click here to create your gift register now.

A brief guide

To accommodate all of your guests, the general rule is to purchase one drink per person per hour of your reception. The ratio of alcohol to guest to serve is about 1/3 wine, sparkling wine or champagne. Accordingly with 100 guests in wedding party you will need about 30 to 40 glasses of wine per hour. There is approximately 4 glasses of wine per bottle. So, you’ll need about 8 to 10 bottles of wine per hour. A typical reception is 3 hours long, we suggest purchasing about 24 bottles of wine for your wedding. A bottle of sparkling wine or champagne will provide about 8 glasses to toast, so with 100 guests you should purchase 13 bottles of Champagne for your wedding toasts only.

Need more help?

To discuss our Wines for Weddings packages click here , fill in your details and we’ll be in touch._____wedding-wine-service-1