With the official first day of summer just over a month away we can start to celebrate the arrival of the wedding season! And what better way to start the season than with a glass of award winning champers!
Champagne is sold all over the world and it is not secret that us Brits consume far more champagne than any other country outside of France. The beauty about Champagne is that every individual has their own preference, in light of this Liquid Indulgence have launched a Fizz range of over 15 champagnes so that you can find which best suits your palate.
[title text=”Grower Fizz” style=”bold”]
Grower fizz is a term used to describe hand-picked and exclusive Champagnes from small, award winning growers. We only buy Champagne that has been produced by families not factories and by those who produce a few thousand bottles a year, rather than a mass production facility that churns out millions.

‘There is more to Champagne than just Möet’

[title text=”Why is Champagne so special?” style=”bold”]
A sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne in the northeast of France. The Champagne appellation law states that only grapes grown and vinified, using the traditional methods, within the Champagne region of France can be referred to as Champagne. This law dates back to 1919 when the Treaty of Versailles was signed to end the WW1. France wanted to protect ‘champagne’ status and limit the use of the term.
What may surprise some people is that Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the main grapes used. Pinot Meunier can also be blended to create a Champagne with more roundness and fruit.
Yes, a red grape is grown to make a white sparkling wine. How?
Quite simply, Pinot Noir grapes are pressed straight after picking allowing only the juice to ferment without the red skins. A Blanc de Noir Champagne is made with 100% Pinot Noir whereas a Blanc de Blanc is made with 100% Chardonnay.
[title text=”Alternatives for your big day” style=”bold”]
If Champagne isn’t the one for you for your big day we have a wide range of Fizz alternatives for you. An Undurraga Sparkling Brut Royal from Chile, an award winning, method traditional Cava from Spain or a Vignarosa Prosecco from Italy.
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