Yorkshire Trade Wine Suppliers for restaurants, hotels and caterers

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We work along side our trade accounts to help them make as much out of their wines and spirits as possible. With over 15 years experience in the industry, you can be sure of great customer service and excellent advice. Scroll down to find out more about how we can help your business.

How We Help You


Roger Lee
Working with Alan has enabled us to offer our customers an exclusive range of high quality wines from around the world at attractive prices.  We have increased our wine sales year on year.  Alan’s advice and dedication to helping his clients succeed in second to none.

Roger Lee Bedern Hall, York

‘We have used Liquid Indulgence since we opened the restaurant. There’s an extensive range of wines and spirits to choose from offering very good value for money. The quality is second to none and the service from Alan and Rebekah is excellent.’

Ben Sapori 74, Selby

Mark Lee
Alan has a passion for quality, in depth product knowledge and a passion for customer service.  I have had emergency deliveries brought to the Red Lion within an hour of ordering.  Nothing is too much trouble for Alan and his team.
Mark Lee The Red Lion, Poppleton

Trade Wine Suppliers

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Liquid Indulgence is an independent UK wine importers and wine suppliers for restaurants, hotels and caterers. As a wine importers UK and wine suppliers we have an outstanding range of wines from around the world, using well known family-owned vineyards which offers incredible variety and astonishing flavors.

We know how difficult it is to run a bar or restaurant (our founder Alan used to run one!). Alan understands that the key to profitable success with regard to your wines and spirits lies in having a great selection, having it in stock when you need it, pricing it correctly and having staff who understand the range well enough to talk to your customers about it.

Our “Trade Wine Suppliers” service has been designed to help you with all these issues. As a well respected and longstanding wine supplier, our clients know that if they need their wine list redesigning, a new member of staff needs training or they need a stock item there in a hurry, Liquid Indulgence will go to great lengths to deliver. As you can see Liquid Indulgence are succeeding in becoming a trusted and important part of the UK wine trade and wine importers UK.

If you would rather chat to our team, then Rebekah is the person to call. Her number is 01904 448288. Just give her a ring – she’d love to speak with you about how we can help.

Click the link to make a Trade Wine Supply Enquiry and we will send you our brochures and information about our trade wine suppliers UK wines list and service.

Trade wine suppliers UK

We are a trade wine suppliers of high quality wines and spirits to the hotel and restaurant trade along with corporate wine events and private wine events. At Liquid Indulgence we want to inspire our customers to buy better and to share with you what quality is actually out there rather than just your supermarket stuff.

Whilst our wine is premium they don’t share the fine wine price tag. Our fine wines and spirits are all very much affordable and are here to educate your clients as well as saving them lots of money.

As you probably know we help businesses promote their company with our unique and bespoke wine shows. Our “Wine for a laugh” and “why didn’t you pick this one” are to name just two.

If you work for a restaurants, wine bars or hotels in Yorkshire and surrounding areas and would like our trade wine importers UK wine list, please contact us.

We are Liquid Indulgence with our promise of tasting is believing.

Liquid Indulgence attitude is to build a trusted and energetic co-operation between our wine growers and our wine customers. As a trusted distributors of wine in England to independent restaurants, hotels, bars and caterers we go to great lengths to deliver.