Trebbiano. The perfect white to match Montepulciano.

This is another Italian grape, however unlike Montepulciano, Trebbiano has firmly planted it’s vines in Italy and is rarely seen in the New World. This is a high yielding, white wine grape variety and remains one of the most popular white grapes in Italy, accounting for over half of the country’s white wines. In recent years Trebbiano has taken a nose dive in popularity, although we’re really not sure why!

The Trebbiano Gianni Masciarelli d’Abruzzo is a fantastic example of the white varietal. This is a well-grown grape made in San Martino, Chieti. From a specially selected Trebbiano expect crisp citric tones, clean fruit flavours such as apple and apricot and hints of almond and iris notes. Trebbiano is also commonly blended with other grapes as it can be (not always!) a fairly undistinguished wine when it comes to the palate which makes it a great wine to blend and cross.

An interesting fact is that Trebbiano is also grown in France as the major grape in Armagnac and Cognac! In France Trebbiano is known as Ugni Blanc and is great in Armagnac and Cognac due to it’s high acidity and soft flavours.

Food we would recommend to pair with this extensive wine would be fish based dishes. Sushi and grilled fish are great examples as well as white meat for the seafood haters!


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