Thirty grapes in thirty days: Grenache

Grenache (also known as Garnacha) is one of the most widely planted red grape varieties in the world. Both Old World and New World vineyards are avid fans of the grape . To prove its popularity World Grenache Day is celerbated every year on September 3rd.

Its origins are unknown but experts reckon the grape was most likely created in Spain.  The Grenache grape creates some of the most luscious, sought after and expensive wines in the whole world. From Chateauneuf du Pape to classic Aussie blends, Grenache is compared to Cabernet Sauvigon in terms of importance.

Grenache is a late ripening grape and is most suited to growing in hot, dry conditions. In a blend Grenache adds body and structure to the wine. Popular blends includes Syrah (Shiraz), Mouvedre and Cinsault. Rude Mechanicals Three Monkeys is a great blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro. This is a very quaffable (enjoyable!) wine. Perfect now that we are finding our way to spring. Pair with barbecued meatballs or roasted duck.

Great news for white wine quaffers! There is white grape variety that is related to Grenache called Grenache Blanc!


by Rebekah Hilton

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