Glera is a grape that not many will be aware of but that most of us will definitely be enjoying over the festive season! This is because Glera is used to make Prosecco.

Sound familiar? It should do as in May this year it was announced that there could be a global shortage of Prosecco because us Brits and many other nations decided to choose Prosecco over Champagne. Fear not! We are still in supply of the marvellous Italian white grape.

So why have two different names for one wine? Glera is the grape and Prosecco is the region in which the grape is grown. In 2009 the region of Prosecco was awarded DOCG status meaning that the grapes grown in Prosecco were some of the finest in Italy. Glera is there to differentiate between the DOC status and below and DOCG status.

Confused yet? Too make things that extra bit complicated, when Prosecco is described as extra dry it actually means it is sweeter than most other Proseccos. This is because more grams of sugar per litre is added making the wine sweeter.

Despite all this confusion Prosecco is very popular and rightly so! The best Prosecco’s are filled with aromas of stonefruit such as grapefruit. The palate has notes of apple and pear and there is a zing of freshness on the finish that highlights the superior quality.

At Liquid Indulgence we also offer Amorino Brut Rosada, although technically not Prosecco as it is a blend of Raboso, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This is a sparkling wine that has been reviewed by our customers as ‘too good to keep a secret’.

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