5 reasons why we're crazy about Indian Wine

“India is emerging as one of the fastest growing and most exciting new wine regions in the world. Western world citizens are often transformed be their ‘Indian experience’. Some find spirituality. Some find yoga. Some find Karmasutra. Hundred of thousands have now discovered Indian wine.” – Soul Tree Wines [title text=”1. Not the norm” style=”bold”] […]

Wine and chocolate

Rumour has it that pairing wine and chocolate simply cannot be done. However, in the Liquid Indulgence office our wine glasses are half full and we are determined to prove that wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven! [title text=”Which chocolate?” link=”” link_text=””] After experimenting with various types of chocolate we have found […]

Organic and Biodynamic wines – what does it all mean?

[title text=”Organic and Biodynamic wines BIG for 2016″ link=”” link_text=””] At Liquid Indulgence we have an extensive range of over 350 wines from 16 different countries and organic and biodynamic wines play a big part in our bespoke collection. In this day and age, our health is a massive concern. Last year the demand for […]

A load of Rioja – do you know your Tempranillo from your Crianza?

[title text=”Tempranillo” style=”center”] Tempranillo is finding it’s feet in the New World as it becomes a popular grape in vineyards across California. However back in Europe it still remains the native red grape of Spain. Deep in Northern Spain is a region called Rioja, Rioja is wine region which creates fine, elegant and interesting wines […]

Pinot Noir, Burgundy

Last week I wrote about Chateauneuf-du-Pape in the Loire region. This week I find myself further North in Burgundy to talk about Pinot Noir. [title text=”Not just a favourite in France” style=”bold”] The Pinot Noir is a thin-skinned red grape from Burgundy, France. This can be another pesky grape to grow but if you harvest […]

What is Grenache?

Grenache, also known as Garnacha, is one of the world’s most widely planted red grape varieties. Both Old World and New World vineyards are avid fans of the grape and to prove it’s popularity ‘World Grenache Day’ is celebrated every year on September 3rd. [title text=”Origin” style=”bold”] Whilst the origin of the grape is uncertain, experts reckon […]

'Vodka Tonic' fish & chips

A new catch on the Friday night classic, complete with Vodka Tonic! At the Liquid Indulgence office we love to try something new so we thought would do some experimenting and have a go at adding our own flair of Vodka Tonic to the nations favourite… Fish and Chips. [title text=”What you’ll need” link=”” link_text=””] […]

Chile, a viticultural paradise

Chile is famously known as the ‘viticultural paradise’ of the world. With it’s near perfect geographical and climatic conditions it’s not hard to see why. There is a large amount of foreign investment in the Chilean wineries and vineyard. This has seen their export sales grow dramatically due to the improved quality of their wines. […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Nebbiolo

Today is the last grape so we thought we would pick one of the greats! Nebbiolo is one of the originals and has it’s own unique palate. The Italian red grape is rarely seen outside the region of Piedmont and is the grape we all have to thank for the stunning reds, Barolo and Barbarseco! […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Grenache

Grenache (also known as Garnacha) is one of the most widely planted red grape varieties in the world. Both Old World and New World vineyards are avid fans of the grape . To prove its popularity World Grenache Day is celerbated every year on September 3rd. Its origins are unknown but experts reckon the grape […]