Organic and Biodynamic wines – what does it all mean?

[title text=”Organic and Biodynamic wines BIG for 2016″ link=”” link_text=””] At Liquid Indulgence we have an extensive range of over 350 wines from 16 different countries and organic and biodynamic wines play a big part in our bespoke collection. In this day and age, our health is a massive concern. Last year the demand for […]

What is Grenache?

Grenache, also known as Garnacha, is one of the world’s most widely planted red grape varieties. Both Old World and New World vineyards are avid fans of the grape and to prove it’s popularity ‘World Grenache Day’ is celebrated every year on September 3rd. [title text=”Origin” style=”bold”] Whilst the origin of the grape is uncertain, experts reckon […]

Wedding Season

With the official first day of summer just over a month away we can start to celebrate the arrival of the wedding season! And what better way to start the season than with a glass of award winning champers! Champagne is sold all over the world and it is not secret that us Brits consume […]

Our guide to glasses

[title text=”What’s the big deal about glasses?” link=”” link_text=””] In principle you can choose any glass you wish to enjoy your desired wine, cocktail or liquor, yet rumour has it that choosing the right glass can make a big difference in how your fave tipple tastes. See below for our quick and easy guide to […]