Blooming'eck, a Yorkshire Gin!

Here in Yorkshire we are proud to be from god’s own country so what better day to celebrate the official Liquid Indulgence launch of Brontë Yorkshire Gin than on Yorkshire day? Yes, it’s not just any gin. It’s Yorkshire Gin made with the finest botanicals in Haworth, the home of the famous Brontë sisters, (I’ll […]

3 reasons why Soave should be your drink this summer

Since our recent trip to Italy I’ve been mesmerised by the beautiful wines that surround Lake Garda. And yes you guessed it, Soave is one of them. Recognised as one of the oldest grape varietals in Italy, I thought I’d dedicate this month’s blog to a true Italian treasure. Whether you’re an Italian devotee or looking […]

Gin gifts in time for Mother's Day

The celebrations of mums dates back to as early as the Ancient Greek and Romans whilst Mother’s Day itself originates from the early Christian festival known as ‘Mothering Sunday’. As the years have passed intangible gifts have been taken over by material presents such as flowers, chocolate, perfume and gin (our favourite of them all). [title […]

Wine and chocolate

Rumour has it that pairing wine and chocolate simply cannot be done. However, in the Liquid Indulgence office our wine glasses are half full and we are determined to prove that wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven! [title text=”Which chocolate?” link=”” link_text=””] After experimenting with various types of chocolate we have found […]


Earlier this month I ventured to the South of France to try my hand at wine tasting in one of the world’s renowned wine regions… Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Chateauneuf-du-Pape is one of the largest and, undoubtedly, the most beloved appellation in Southern France. With an impressive ‘3,200 hectares of vineyards and over 80 growers’ I was rather excited […]

Wedding Season

With the official first day of summer just over a month away we can start to celebrate the arrival of the wedding season! And what better way to start the season than with a glass of award winning champers! Champagne is sold all over the world and it is not secret that us Brits consume […]

International Sauvignon Blanc Day

Sauvignon Blanc, a great wine with an even greater reputation! This Sunday the Liquid Indulgence office will be raising a glass to celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day and here’s why… Sauvignon is an extremely popular wine varietal that is enjoyed by many across the UK. For years winemakers across the world have been making crisp, […]

Chile, a viticultural paradise

Chile is famously known as the ‘viticultural paradise’ of the world. With it’s near perfect geographical and climatic conditions it’s not hard to see why. There is a large amount of foreign investment in the Chilean wineries and vineyard. This has seen their export sales grow dramatically due to the improved quality of their wines. […]

World Malbec Day

Sunday 17th April is World Malbec Day. If I was to ask, where would you say that Malbec originated from? Argentina? It is actually France! Yes although Malbec is now famously grown in the Mendoza region of Argentina it’s roots are indeed french. So much so that Malbec is one of the only six grapes […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Trebbiano

Trebbiano. The perfect white to match Montepulciano. This is another Italian grape, however unlike Montepulciano, Trebbiano has firmly planted it’s vines in Italy and is rarely seen in the New World. This is a high yielding, white wine grape variety and remains one of the most popular white grapes in Italy, accounting for over half […]