Peculiar Mr Pat Merlot 2018

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The story of a most particular wombat … Orphaned, beaten up by his wild wombat mates, taken in by Ballarat Wildlife Park, wheelbarrowed around (for weight reasons), adored the world over – 50,000 Facebook friends and even a Tinder profile!

The Merlot grapes that make this wine were grown in the glorious Australian sunshine. Merlot thrives along the banks of Australia’s largest river, the Murray, near the bustling inland town of Mildura, in the middle of Australia’s food bowl. A Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunshine, they carefully tend the vines and enrich the ancient, sandy soils with recycled organic matter from other crops that also thrive locally, to make the most of every precious drop of water.

Bright, plush, deeply tasty Merlot from Riverland vineyards, this is abundant in freshly picked red fruit with a soft tannic profile and a long, moreish finish. Minimal winemaking intervention means that this wine can also be enjoyed, guilt-free, by Pescatarians, Vegetarians and Vegans.

Food recommendations: enjoy with a wide range of meat dishes.

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