Eagle Rock 11th Hour Pinot Noir NV

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California NV. “Non-Vintage” refers to wines that are produced with grapes or wines from different harvest years. Non-vintage wines are typically blended with wines made from grapes of multiple years to create a consistent flavour profile from year to year, Eagle Rock is home to a selection of handcrafted, small production wineries in sweet Californ-I-A. Their 11th Hour range of punchy, food-ready wines are so named due to their harvesting, fermentation and barrel ageing all being pushed to the very last minute to ensure maximum aroma and complexity in every bottle.

Intensely flavoured fruit for this stunning Pinot Noir, a classic combination of subtle raspberry and black cherry flavours with soft tannins and a very smooth finish.

Food recommendations: Roasted pork tenderloin, glazed duck, baked salmon, mushroom dishes.

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