Hatozaki Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

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Hatozaki Pure Malt Whisky is a vatting of 100% malt whiskies which have been aged in imported bourbon casks, imported sherry casks and native Mizunara oak barrels. Hatozaki Pure Malt has a rich profile of sweet cereals and malty dried fruit with a light touch of smoke and honey on the finish.

All Hatozaki whiskies are the result of a two-fold blending process: Firstly, the master blender selects the spirits to make up the foundation blends. These are the whiskies that will later carry the structure and dominant flavour of the final spirit. They are allowed to marry quietly in cask until needed, while being constantly monitored as they continue to mature. Secondly, he takes a proportion of each whisky (a different proportion each time as the flavour and character of the foundation blends continue to develop in barrel) and re-casks them together with other individual whiskies that provide additional florality, depth and finesse to the final blend. After a final marrying period to establish the harmony of the blend, the whisky is bottled. This multi-layered process allows for the complexity and balance so prized in Japanese blended whiskies.

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