Hatozaki Blended Japanese Whisky

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Although the Yonezawa family have been brewing since 1856, they did not start distilling until 1917. In the build-up to the celebration of 100 years of spirit production, the company decided to replace the old stills with new copper twin pot-stills made by the famous Scottish company Forsyth’s. The new facility has been designed to produce Japanese Single Malt Whisky as well as other spirits and has been named The Kaikyo Distillery after the famous Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge that lies in front of the distillery.

Hatozaki Blended Whisky is a premium blend of whiskies, aged up to 12 years in barrel with a minimum malt whisky content of 40%. Although Japanese regulations do not prevent the mention of blend constituents and age on their labels, they will always use their ageing stocks at their finest, so each batch may contain a different proportion of each individual whisky at a different age, so they choose not to state these.

Hatozaki Blended Whisky is light in style with a rich backbone of malt whisky character. Cereal notes and a light sweetness allow for the whisky to be used in both highball and straight pours.

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