Firestarter Vodka 5x Platinum Filtered Canister 70cl

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Firestarter Vodka comes in an eye catching canister, with bar tender friendly, high speed pour spout and simple twist off valve cap, making it a big hit with bar tenders and a great way to start a party! Crystal clear. Moderate aroma offers notes of mineral, wet rock and citrus peel. Gently peppery profile is semi sweet, slightly oily in texture and with a pleasantly warming finish. Subtle citrus peel and honey aftertaste. Clean, brisk and simple. The vodka uses a traditional 19th century recipe using only the finest winter wheat from the fields of Eastern Europe and to create the ultra smooth taste of Firestarter the vodka is Triple distilled and FIVE times platinum filtered. This state of the art platinum filtration is a very exceptional technique used in the perfection of some of the world’s finest vodkas.

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