Mezan Belize 2008 Rum

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This delightful drop comes from Belize, a country formerly known as British Honduras, on the eastern coastline of Central America, sandwiched between Guatemala and Mexico. It’s made from molasses from a single harvest, fermented using wild yeasts and distilled in a column still. The spirit is then aged in ex-Bourbon barrels, six years in the heat of Belize where it ages quickly, and then four years in the cold of Europe where it ages more slowly. It is non chill-filtered and no colour, sugar or other flavourings have been added. It all adds up to a seriously sophisticated rum.

The distillery is situated in Belmopan. Molasses comes from locally crushed sugar cane. It is naturally fermented and then distilled in a triple column continuous still. This vintage was initially aged in Belize in heavy-char American Bourbon barrels, before being re-barrelled in used white-oak Bourbon casks that had previously been filled with other Caribbean rums.

There are perfumed notes of oak, cedar and vanilla followed by tropical fruit, hazelnuts and burnt butter. On the palate you will find big sweet and spicy flavours, softer sherried butterscotch notes with exotic expressive tones.
Mezan Belize is soft, complex, and very sippable with a very long finish.

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