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Masses of banana fudge and sweet spice. Orange and chocolate, yummy!

This small batch of 5000 bottles was carefully blended from rums produced by several different Jamaican distilleries. Their master blender has carefully selected the age and ester content of the chosen spirits so that the typical pungency and tropical flavours of Jamaican rum are shown at their very best. Every single batch of Mezan XO is re-aged following blending, to encourage the marriage of flavours and enhance the structure and subtlety of the rum. Tasting notes Nose: Masses of banana fudge and sweet spice with aromas of raisins and mocha coffee and a hint of bitter orange rind. Palate: Very sweet and velvety on the palate, with concentrated raisins and suggestions of bitter chocolate and vanilla. The light palate, complex spice with hints of tobacco. Finish: A touch more chocolate and orange.




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Celebrated for its golden sun, turquoise waters and gently swaying palm trees, the Caribbean is also home to one of the world’s oldest and most beloved spirits: RUM For centuries, rum production has flourished among this myriad of islands and countries, creating a rich and nuanced palette of aromas and styles unique to each location and distillery.
Meticulously selected by their cellar master, Mezan rums capture the depth and diversity of the Caribbean and offer the taste of its purest, most authentic flavours. Distilleries old and new, some founded centuries ago, others no longer in operation: all subject to his discerning eye. He tirelessly travels throughout the region, seeking out its hidden treasures: untouched rums, artfully crafted from a single year’s distillation by a single distillery. Unsweetened, uncoloured and only lightly filtered, these vintage rums represent the finest, truest expression of their producer and country of origin.

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