The celebrations of mums dates back to as early as the Ancient Greek and Romans whilst Mother’s Day itself originates from the early Christian festival known as ‘Mothering Sunday’. As the years have passed intangible gifts have been taken over by material presents such as flowers, chocolate, perfume and gin (our favourite of them all).
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You may be familiar with the term ‘Mother’s Ruin’?
‘Mother’s ruin’ was the term used to describe Gin in the 18th Century. The reason for this was that Gin had become a cheap drink for the English Society and was even used as a form of payment for worker’s wages. Thankfully today, Gin is much more sophisticated and is a preferred tipple for millions of people in the UK.
In 2016 the ‘British public described Gin as a female spirit. So with that in mind, what better gift to buy your wonderful mum than gin?
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Until the 26th March 2017 we are offering 10% discount on the best gins in our range. So save yourself some money, buy in time for Mother’s Day and maybe enjoy a glass of G&T yourself when the day arrives.
Choose from 1831 Gin, Deaths Door, K25 Gin, Tower Bridge London Dry, Gin Sea and Imagic Gin.
Each gin comes with tasting notes, food recommendations, cocktail ideas and our garnish suggestions.
For more information on our gins visit our gin page or email
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The classic G&T is still the most popular ‘cocktail’ for a gin lover. If you’ve tried Fever Tree tonic then this will come as no surprise, however if you haven’t we suggest that you take the jump from whichever mediocre mixer you’re using and join us on the Fever Tree Revolution.

If 3/4 of your Gin & Tonic is Tonic, mix it with the best – Fever Tree

You can see our full range of Fever Tree products on our ‘mixer’ page.

Mother's Day
The Liquid Indulgence Fever Tree Collection.

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