Magic Gin

Magic Gin

Magic Gin hits the UK!

Liquid Indulgence Limited has just secured an exclusive deal for the North of England to sell Magic Gin!

Imagic Gin is a premium gin, made from grain alcohol distilled five times. It is the only gin in the world that changes colour when poured with tonic or soda. Imagic Gin transforms from a characteristic brown to a spectacular pink mauve tone that creates desire and curiosity for any discerning drinker. Containing traditional botanicals the outcome is a balanced and fresh balsamic taste.  See it for yourself!

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Manuel Acha Distillery

Manuel Acha Disllery is one of the oldest family businesses in Spain and the longest of the Basque Country. Founded in 1831 for the production of high quality liquor, this distillery holds the tradition of five generations. The creator of this supreme gin, Gabriel Acha, keeps the element of this ‘magic’ gin top secret.

by Rebekah Hilton

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