Sauvignon Blanc, a great wine with an even greater reputation!
This Sunday the Liquid Indulgence office will be raising a glass to celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day and here’s why…
Sauvignon is an extremely popular wine varietal that is enjoyed by many across the UK. For years winemakers across the world have been making crisp, aromatic and extraordinary Sauvignon Blanc wines. New Zealand, France, Chile and South Africa are just a few countries which exceed expectations and produce outstanding wines.
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A french Sauvignon is commonly referred to as Sancerre. But why?
Sancerre is quite simply a region in France where Sauvignon Blanc is produced. Located in upper Loire alongside Pouilly-fume our Henri Bourgeois La Vigne Blance Sancerre has been named as a great wine that truly captures the characteristics of a ‘well-crafted Sauvignon’.
Sauvignon from Sancerre are usually more crisp and dry than those from the New World. For example you’ll find that Sauvignon from New Zealand tends to be much more pungent in tropical fruits. New Zealand is perhaps the most famous country for producing Sauvignon Blanc. Their vineyards are utterly blessed with ideal growing conditions as the terroir is warmed by the sunlight during the day and cooled by the night sea breezes.
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Sauvignon BlancMy favourite Sauvignon would have to be from the Framingham Winery which is located along the South Island in New Zealand. Their wines are expressive and interesting and their philosophy is ‘to make wine that they love’. You’ll find that their Sauvignon is intense with flavours of passion fruit and grapefruit. The palate is refreshing and tangy with a long, dry mineral finish.
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Whilst this classic white tends to be very versatile with food we have a list of food pairings which will amplify your taste buds further.

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All food recipes have been sourced from BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver.

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