Framingham – New Zealand

The original vineyard was established by Wellington engineer Rex Brooke-Taylor who took the name Framingham from his ancestral home town near Norwich, England. Framingham is a boutique winery situated in Renwick, Marlborough where they have a history of tradition and innovation. Their philosophy is simple, “they make wine that they love”.

Framingham Wines Dr Andrew HedleyOriginally from Gateshead in the north of England, winemaker Dr Andrew Hedley was drawn to Framingham in 2001 by his love of Riesling. With a degree in Applied Chemistry, Andrew completed a PhD in organic chemistry in 1993 before moving to New Zealand with his wife Debra and turning his focus to winemaking in 1998. He has been involved in 13+ vintages in Marlborough. After overcoming throat cancer in 2006, Andrew returned to work with renewed focus and a even stronger sense of purpose. His strongly individual winemaking has built on the groundwork of his predecessor Ant McKenzie.

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