Floc is a form of Armagnac that is very well known in the region of Gascony, however us Brits are yet to fully understand the brilliance of this fortified drink. Only a minority of the UK population have ever had the privilege of tasting Floc (Alan and myself included), so we have decided that we want more people to experience this little gem!
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Floc is best described as a fortified wine and is a blend of 2/3 grape juice and 1/3 Armagnac. It is a recipe that is as old as the 16th century and the winemakers at Chateau Garreau were the first to have their recipe officially approved.
Here’s the basic technical description of Floc;

  1. Grape juice is fortified with Armagnac until it reaches an alcohol level of 16% – 22% ABV.
  2. After blending, the fortified wine is stored for 10 months in stainless steel vats.
  3. The wine is then assessed by a committee of experts who must approve it’s authenticity before it can be sold under the appellation ‘Floc de Gascogne’.

For more information visit the Sommelier Chef.
Like wine, Floc can either be white, rosé or red. The whites tend to be the most popular and serve as a great accompaniment to foie gras, melon or fruit desserts. The rosé and red have aromas of red berries and other dark fruit which make a great pairing for chocolate themed desserts.
Similar to the Armagnac Blanc, it is best served chilled and can be enjoyed as an apertif or as a twist to your favourite cocktail.
Blog image taken by Jean Cave.
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