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Welcome to our range of Premium Sparkling Wines and Champagnes

Hand-picked, exclusive Sparkling Wines, Prosecco, luxury Cava and Champagnes from small, award-winning growers: what we term ‘Grower Fizz’!

The beautiful Prosecco region is situated in the northeast of Italy, about 50 miles north of Venice. between two towns – Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

Prosecco is both a geographic designation and the former name of the region’s primary grape variety, which is now called Glera. In 2009, Italy officially switched the name of the grape to try to protect the wine’s region of origin and prevent “Prosecco” from being made all over the world.

Cava is made like Champagne using the Methode Champenoise. But to protect the champagne producers, the cava producers have to call their method metodo tradicional or method traditionelle! (EU regulations.) Cava is great as a midweek sipper. If the full on fruitiness of Prosecco is not up your street, Cava is a perfect alternative. Drink it as an aperitif and enjoy it with lots of food too.

A sparkling wine made in the same style as Champagne that is produced in regions across France including Alsace, Loire and Bordeaux. Unlike Champagne, Crémant can be made with various grapes. The type of grape used is dependent on the region. For example, Crémant from the Loire Valley is made using Chenin Blanc. Other grapes include Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. Pinot Noir can also be used to make Crémant Rosé.

‘Discovery beyond the label’. We bring you hand-picked, exclusive Champagnes from small, award-winning growers. The magic comes from the wine, rather than the spells cast by big brand marketers. You are buying from families, not factories.

Each village in the Champagne region is given a numerical rating, on a scale of 10 percentage points and this is how the rankings are created:
Grand Cru Villages rated 100% Premier Cru Villages rated 90-99% Appellations Villages rated 89-89%

Everything stems from our passion for Fizz and discovery beyond the label.


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