Its’ the most wonderful time of the year… well almost.
Yes Christmas is just 12 weeks away and whilst that may seem far enough away for some of us to not think about Christmas shopping, for businesses it’s the perfect time to plan corporate gifts and events.
So whether you’re looking for something different for your staff party, want to treat your fantastic clients to a unique experience or just want to have the best gift for secret Santa look no further than Liquid Indulgence this festive season!
[title text=”Corporate Events” style=”bold”]
Our star event is the ‘Wine for a Laugh’ show. You choose the country and we bring you the laughs. From Chile to France we challenge you and your teams throughout the night to answer a number of questions based on the wine you’re drinking. Choose from 6 wines, 8 wines or 9 wines, which includes a mystery wine. Every wine show is complimented with an arrival drink and food platters.
Spoiler alert! After a few glasses the game gets quite competitive and we’ve yet to finish a quiz.
In second place is our ‘Fun and Fizz’ show. Try and test Prosecco, Cava and Champagne (yes champagne!) and test your bubbly knowledge with Alan’s Fizz Quiz. These events are perfect for corporate nights out, charity evening and staff parties with a difference.
Sound expensive?
We tailor our event to suit your budget, bespoke is our nature. For a quote today please click here.
Corporate Events
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This year we have gone one step further for the festive season and introduced gifts for business! The process is simple, you choose your unique wine or spirit and we’ll do the rest.
The beauty of our gifts is that there is no minimum or maximum order. Want 1 bottle of 1950’s Armagnac for that one in a million client? No problem. Want 20 bottles of wine to thank your team for their hard work this year? You got it.
Or perhaps it’s a bottle of wine for your secret Santa that you need to keep within the £10 spend? We can do it.
Give me a call on 01904 448288 to find out more.
[title text=”Tastings with a twist” style=”bold”]
Craft gins, malt whiskies and vintage rums. We’ve all seen them on the top shelf in our favourite bar and we’ve all been curious to try them. Yet not many of us have actually tried them, until now.
New for autumn 2016 are our tastings with a twist. Grab a few friends and indulge in liquid that you maybe never knew existed from the comfort of your own home.
In our collection we have over 150 spirits from 15 different countries, see the picture below for a sneak peek at the very best.
Tasting with a twist - Corporate Events
For more information on our tastings with a twist please click here.

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