The Cellar Díez Mérito boasts 200 years of sherry making

Liquid Indulgence invites you to try 6 unique sherries imported direct from the Cellar Díez Mérito in Jerez, boasting 200 years of sherry making history.

In 1876 brothers Díez and Perez de Muñoz started a wine business in Jerez. A few years later another brother, Francisco joined them and ‘Díez Hermanos’ was born. At that time, His Majesty King Alfonso XII appointed the company a Royal Warrant as suppliers and by doing so they could use the Spanish Royal coat of Arms on their wine labels and stationery.

These Sherries are all medal winners in their own right and are nothing like you will have tasted before! Truly exceptional at exceptionally great prices – from just £12.99.

Liquid Indulgence - Diez Merito barrels
Liquid Indulgence - Diez Merito Cellar Arches
Diez Merito logo

Bertola Fino Premium Sherry 15%

Amontillado 12 year old Sherry 15%

Bertola Palo Cortado 12 year old Premium Sherry 18%

100% Palomino, pale straw colour, Bronze Medal Winner  £12.99

Palomino & Pedro Ximénez, Topaz Amber, Gold Medal Winner  £19.49

100% Palomino, Chestnut to Mahogany, Gold Medal Winner £23.89

Liquid Indulgence - Diez Merito Fino Sherry
Liquid Indulgence - Diez Merito Amontillado 12 year Sherry
Liquid Indulgence - Diez Merito Palo Cortado Sherry

Bertola Oloroso Premium 12 year old Sherry 19%

Bertola Cream Sherry 15%

Bertola Pedro Ximénez 12 year old Premium Sherry 15%

100% Palomino, Deep Mahogany, Silver Medal Winner £19.49      

Palomino & Pedro Ximénez, Dark Mahogany, Silver Medal Winner £19.49        

100% Pedro Ximénez, Dark Mahogany, Gold Medal Winner  £19.49                                        

Liquid indulgence - Diez Merito Oloroso 12 year sherry
Liquid Indulgence - Diez Merito Cream Sherry
Liquid Indulgence - Diez Merito Pedro Ximenex 12 year old sherry

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