The distillation and ageing of Armagnac made easy

Distillation and ageing are among the most important operations of Armagnac production. By now you should be a budding connoisseur of Armagnac, however there are two important questions that still remain unanswered… What does the distillation process of Armagnac involve? How does the ageing process affect Armagnac?   [title text=”Distillation of Armagnac” style=”bold”] Like Cognac, […]

Fall in love with Floc Armagnac

Floc is a form of Armagnac that is very well known in the region of Gascony, however us Brits are yet to fully understand the brilliance of this fortified drink. Only a minority of the UK population have ever had the privilege of tasting Floc (Alan and myself included), so we have decided that we […]

The alternative: Armagnac Blanche

If you’ve read the ‘Armagnac Adventure’ then you’ll be familiar with the different types of Armagnac as well as the different aromas created by each style. Armagnac Blanche is essentially Armagnac without the ageing. It is a pure spirit that has been bottled young or stored in terracotta pots following the distillation process. Terracotta pots are […]

Find your vintage with Hors d'Age Armagnac

When I was first introduced to Armagnac, the term Hors d’Age was a little confusing. After speaking with the wonderful Eric I translated it to mean ‘beyond age’. If an Armagnac is described as Hors d’Age it is a blend of more than one vintage which, collectively, are more than 10 years old. Expect the following […]

The Armagnac adventure

This week we’ve seen January out in true Liquid Indulgence style by taking a trip to Gascony, France to discover the real world of Armagnac. Escorted by the brilliant Eric Sendra we visited 8 distilleries in total across the three regions. Our reasons for doing this? My main aim was to become a true connoisseur […]