5 reasons why…

Liquid Indulgence are here to make this year’s Christmas shopping feel like a stress-free doddle! With only days to go until the speculated release of 2016’s John Lewis Christmas advert, the start of the festive season has officially started. Cue exasperated sighs and Grinch-like groans. Or maybe not? [title text=”1. Unique, premium & purse friendly products” […]

Events and Gifts with Liquid Indulgence

Its’ the most wonderful time of the year… well almost. Yes Christmas is just 12 weeks away and whilst that may seem far enough away for some of us to not think about Christmas shopping, for businesses it’s the perfect time to plan corporate gifts and events. So whether you’re looking for something different for […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Nebbiolo

Today is the last grape so we thought we would pick one of the greats! Nebbiolo is one of the originals and has it’s own unique palate. The Italian red grape is rarely seen outside the region of Piedmont and is the grape we all have to thank for the stunning reds, Barolo and Barbarseco! […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Albariño

The second to last grape is upon us! Albariño is a white grape grown in the Northwest of Spain. It is also grown in the Vinho Verde region in Portugal and is known as Alvarinho. The white varietal is a very distinguished grape in Spain and is a popular grape in both blended whites and single […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Grenache

Grenache (also known as Garnacha) is one of the most widely planted red grape varieties in the world. Both Old World and New World vineyards are avid fans of the grape . To prove its popularity World Grenache Day is celerbated every year on September 3rd. Its origins are unknown but experts reckon the grape […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Verdejo

Verdejo is the great white of Rueda, Spain. A grape that was once lost to ignorance until 15 years ago but now is Rueda’s greatest white varietal. Verdejo is prone to premature oxidation which means that the wine oxidises and becomes undrinkable. However the good people of Rueda have found ways to overcome this obstacle […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Glera

Glera is a grape that not many will be aware of but that most of us will definitely be enjoying over the festive season! This is because Glera is used to make Prosecco. Sound familiar? It should do as in May this year it was announced that there could be a global shortage of Prosecco […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Carignan

‘It was the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The red wine was flowing, late on Christmas eve, Pour me the Carignan would you please’ Yes today’s grape is Carignan. A red varietal originally from Spain and known as ‘Carinena’ to the Spanish natives. […]

Thirty grapes in thirty days: Gewurztraminer

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Gewurztraminer. As you can probably guess by the name, this grape originates from Germany. Over the years the white varietal has travelled to the Alps and is now grown in Italy, Hungary, Croatia and more notably France. On the border of France in the region of Alsace, Gewurztraminer is thriving as […]

Grand Cru

Grand Cru is defined as a wine of the most premium grade and of the vineyard which produces it. Factors such as terroir (soil quality) are taken into account when awarding a vineyard Grand Cru status. Grand Cru is the highest level of classification and only a handful of vineyards across the globe achieve this […]