The alternative: Armagnac Blanche

Armagnac Blanche

If you’ve read the ‘Armagnac Adventure’ then you’ll be familiar with the different types of Armagnac as well as the different aromas created by each style.

Armagnac Blanche is essentially Armagnac without the ageing. It is a pure spirit that has been bottled young or stored in terracotta pots following the distillation process. Terracotta pots are a great alternative to oak barrels as they avoid oak ageing and colouring of the Armagnac. Unlike aged Armagnac, which needs a minimum ageing of 2 years, white Armagnac can be bottled immediately after distillation.

Choosing the best Armagnac Blanche

Due to their aromatic characteristics Ugni Blanc, Collombard and Folle Blanche are the most common grapes used. Expect the following aromas from a high quality Armagnac Blanche;

  • Fresh oranges
  • Ripe plums
  • Fragrant floral notes
  • White peach

How to serve

Serve chilled or over ice to allow the aromas to really flourish. Unlike other Armagnacs, Blanche is a really versatile base for cocktails too.

Suprisingly, Armagnac Blanche is not only a great apertif but also an outstanding food pairing and a great choice for fish and seafood lovers! An irresistible pairing for caviar, oysters and smoked salmon dishes.

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by Rebekah Hilton

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