Alan Terry – Wine Expert

My mantra has always been ‘Tasting is Believing’. I’m Yorkshire born and bred. You may notice my own personal brand of humour coming to the fore in the descriptions of my products!

Over the past twenty years it’s been my passion to find exclusive, high quality wines and import them directly from family vineyards not factories; from small winemakers and producers whose own passion for quality is their number one priority. I also import exclusive spirits which, once again, have been selected for their amazing taste and quality.

You will not find any of my products in the supermarkets. I can help you and educate you to indulge in Liquids that you probably never even knew existed?

Through my one to one classes, shows and expert presentations, I try to pass on my love of wine:

Private 1-2-1 wine tuition and tasting

I teach you about the wines of the world and how to truly ‘taste’ a fine wine, either at your home or location of your choice, or you can leave it up to me to select the ideal venue for you. A wonderful
experience, either for you, a loved one or as a ‘unique’ gift.

Corporate wine tasting events

For your colleagues, clients, future prospects, networking activities, team building needs or VIP guests; I create an event completely tailored to your tastes and requirements. All my events are fun, enjoyable and designed to reinforce your corporate message.

If you have a theme I will work with you to select a range of wines to complement it perfectly.

Want to be a wine collector?

My services are tailored specifically to the needs of the individual wine collector. Expert wine authentication, wine collection, planning and management strategies, wine inventory maintenance, wine appraisals, wine valuations, inventory acquisitions and depletions, combined with wine education. I am qualified to realise the precise goals of any wine collector.

Public Speaking

I carry out many public, educational and corporate speaking events where I tell first-hand the stories of the growers and the vineyards that I have visited personally and buy direct from.

Wine or Spirits shows

Designed mainly for a group of friends, a club or a social gathering. You are guaranteed to have fun with a capital ‘F’. I will create and host a show that combines a little bit of education with bags of enjoyment. My ‘Wine for a Laugh’ shows are legendary, as are my gin shows.

Wine pairing and special occasion selections

I am increasingly asked to recommend and select wines to go with your food choice. I’m happy to make suggestions for a simple dinner party or a special event involving several hundred guests. You can rest easy with the assurance of high quality wines to enhance the food and atmosphere of your event.

Liquid Indulgence - Alan Terry photo