“India is emerging as one of the fastest growing and most exciting new wine regions in the world. Western world citizens are often transformed be their ‘Indian experience’. Some find spirituality. Some find yoga. Some find Karmasutra. Hundred of thousands have now discovered Indian wine.” – Soul Tree Wines

[title text=”1. Not the norm” style=”bold”]
The grapes may be something that you’ve seen before, but Indian wine itself is definitely not the norm. The winemakers have taken classic grapes  and created wines that are fresh and quirky. Helped by the perfect tropical climate and excellent volcanic soils, that can only be found in India, these wines are distinctive and full of character.
Vines grown in the Nasik Valley are planted at an elevation of around 2000 ft above sea level. In comparison, the highest vines in Italy and Spain are averaged between 1,300 and 1,600 ft. Vines that have been planted at high altitude are renowned for their quality and superior taste. This is because the grapes receive more direct sunlight, dramatic temperature shifts and incredible drainage. These three factors result in a low yield (less grapes) that is high in quality and plentiful in character.
[title text=”2. Soul Tree” style=”bold”]
Soul Tree was founded by two entrepreneurs who wanted to embrace the budding world of Indian wine with the dream of bringing it to wine lovers across the world. They started their journey in the Nasik Valley where they met a group of farmers who were silently carrying on the Indian wine revolution. After falling in love with the wine, they posed a question…

‘Why was there no real effort being made to introduce Indian wine to wine lovers around the world?’

Cue the birth of Soul Tree in 2011. Since then they’ve been making wine that is a true reflection of India rather than an imitation of wine from more established wine regions. Their philosophy is simple, ‘to create excellent, authentic wines that have a tropical twist in the tale’.
Our favourite from the Soul Tree range are Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rosé and Cabernet/Shiraz Reserve.
[title text=”3. Loved, Lost and Rediscovered” style=”bold”]
First introduced in the Vedic Period, Indian wine was linked to Indra, the kings of gods. It was believed to be drank at religious festivals and celebrations. From around 300BC to 1660AD invaders and European travellers brought both new and European styles of wine to India, not long after this Portuguese settlers used the wine to preserve meat in spices. This particular discovery would be the building blocks for the renowned Vindaloo dish.
Around 1900AD the increase in demand for India Pale Ale as well as a Phylloxera epidemic sees the loss of Indian wine. It wasn’t until the late 20th Century when farmers in the Nasik Valley triggered a ‘wine revolution’ that Indian wine began to build it’s reputation as the fastest growing industry in the world.
[title text=”4. Versatility” style=”bold”]
Finally, we have found a selection of wines that are a perfect marriage for fine Indian Cuisine. Yes, whilst a Riesling, Gamay or Pinot Gris are still excellent recommendations for Indian food, the decision is ultimately straight forward. If you’re looking to complete your Indian dining experience, whether it be at home or at a restaurant, Indian food is best enjoyed with Indian wine.
The image below gives a guide for the best pairings of Indian cuisine and wine.
Indian Wine
With that in mind I would like to stress the versatility of Soul Tree wines. Whilst Indian cuisine is not everyone’s cup of tea, Indian wine could be. Our off dry Chenin Blanc tastes great paired with meaty king prawns or rich ham whilst our peppered Cabernet Sauvignon goes well with home comforts such as spaghetti meatballs and steak.
[title text=”5. Modest price” style=”bold”]
Good quality wines from China and Japan have an average retail price of £25.00.
Indian wine however, does not share the same price tag. Our Soul Tree range is now available online so go and see for yourself!
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*Discount is applied to Soul Tree products only.
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