3 reasons why Soave should be your drink this summer


Since our recent trip to Italy I’ve been mesmerised by the beautiful wines that surround Lake Garda. And yes you guessed it, Soave is one of them. Recognised as one of the oldest grape varietals in Italy, I thought I’d dedicate this month’s blog to a true Italian treasure.

Whether you’re an Italian devotee or looking for a light bodied, fruit filled white wine (that isn’t Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc) read on and find out my three reasons why Soave should be your drink this summer.

1. The taste of Soave

I could start with the rich history of but the main reason I’m so fond of this Italian number is simple…


From a good quality Soave you’ll be welcomed with citrus fruit, orange zest and melon on the pallet with a soft, well balanced finish. You’ll also be able to detect some pleasant acidity and crispness when your mouth starts to water (it’s a good thing don’t worry!). Aromas in the glass vary but the staple smells are sweet honeysuckle, peach and white flowers.

This is a wine that is very similar in style to Sauvignon Blanc, less the herbacous and sometimes overpowering grassy notes. The delicate nose of white flowers reminds me of Pinot Grigio, yet the ripe melon and orange zest on the pallet really gives this wine it’s own identity.

2. It's rich history

So you’ve got a feel for the greatness of Soave, now here’s the game changer…

Soave is the region which the wine is made, the grape is actually called Gargenega!

Gargenega is considered one of the great whites of Italy and is the 5th most widely planted grape in Italy. The region of Soave is located in Volcanic hills close to the historic city of Verona. Nearby grapes include Valpolicella and Amarone – a great option if you happen to be a red wine fan too.


View of Verona from San Giorgio di Valpolicella.


Casa di Giuletta , Verona
“Juliet’s House”, Verona











3. Exceptional value for money

Unlike it’s overrated long distance cousin *cough* Pinot Grigio cough*, Soave is undervalued in the world of wine making it superb value for money. Despite it’s growing popularity globally, you can pick up a good quality bottle of wine for around £7-£8.

So why is this wine great for summer?

To sum up;

  • It’s a light bodied wine, easy drinking every day wine (or “Super Quaffer”). Perfect for the summer months!
  • The crisp, citrus flavours of Soave make it a perfect pairing for barbecued seafood, fresh summer salads or pasta.
  • Summer can be an expensive few months with holidays and various other activities, so having a quality wine that is good value for money is always a winner for me!
  • As Soave is a little different from the usual white wine varietals, it becomes a point of interest as well as a great wine.


“My favourite pairing is a chilled glass of Castelforte Soave with Goan King Prawn Curry from 29 States Indian Kitchen.” – Alan Terry, MD at Liquid Indulgence


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by Rebekah Hilton

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